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Apgar Lookout: This early season jaunt a great way to get in shape, with views

The Apgar Mountain Lookout Trail is one of those trails to hike first thing in the season because it’s easy to get…

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More thoughts on CFAC

In a recent acronym-filled letter published by the Hungry Horse News, I wrote about the ongoing effort of the Coalition for a Clean CFAC to address 50 years of pollution at the retired Columbia Falls Aluminum Compa…

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Let’s show some unity

I am writing to express deep concern and disappointment following the recent vandalism at the community building currently being remodeled to serve as a Boys and Girls Club and a new daycare center in Columbia Fall…

Updated 1 week, 6 days ago
Supports Gateway bill

As a County Commissioner, I work with residents and businesses navigating the relationship Gateway Communities have with our national parks and our federal lands.

Updated 1 week, 6 days ago
Claims survey affirms policy decisions

A recent University of Montana survey confirms what legislators have been hearing from our constituents: Montanans are seriously concerned about several issues that they say are negatively impacting quality of life.

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Quilters say thanks

Talent abounds in our local Teakettle Quilt Guild, and our annual quilt show was surely a magnificent display.

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Student asks folks to support levies

As a sophomore at the high school, I have no vote, but you do.

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Please vote Yes

As both a parent and educator in my 25th year, I urge our community to vote “yes” on the upcoming school levies. These levies are vital for maintaining education quality and ensuring our students’ success.

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Levy makes sense

It’s easy to understand why people want to find a reason to vote no on the upcoming school levies. Everyone’s taxes are up, and everything is more expensive. So it can be tempting to believe it when people blame th…

Updated 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Coalition appreciates community support

hank you to the 250 plus Columbia Falls and Flathead Valley residents who showed up to learn about and express your concerns about the proposed plan for the cleanup of the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company Superfund …

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Likes Glimm, Sprunger and Regier

Please support and vote for Republicans Courtenay Sprunger (Montana House), Matt Regier (Montana Senate) and Carl Glimm (Montana Senate) in the upcoming primary election.

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Likes Powers

Montana needs state legislators who represent all of us. Debo Powers is that candidate.

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School needs a roof

My dream is to see myself out of high school — getting out as fast as I can. But I never had to think about the reality of high school being taken away from me.

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CFAC acronyms

CFAC. Glencore. Slurry walls. Waste in place. Cyanide. Spent Pot Liner. Affordable housing. CCC. EPA. ROD. TANA. TAG. CLP. ECRWSSEDDM... Whew! Enough already! In the words of the late, great John Lennon: “Just gimm…

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Coalition urges CFAC involvement

CFAC/Glencore representatives will be in Columbia Falls Wednesday and Thursday, April 24 and 25. Don’t miss this opportunity to speak up for a brighter future and a more comprehensive cleanup of CFAC’s toxic waste …