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Opinion: Heart advice

I’ve run into quite a few friends and readers since I had my double bypass heart surgery and I thought I’d share s…

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Opinion: Slaking a thirst a growing challenge

Last week I had a story on Glacier National Park’s glaciers breaking up — a little less than half of the named glaciers in the park have broken into pieces and I suspect it’s even worse now, since the study was bas…

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Public lands in public hands

As I kid I spent more time outdoors than in. I swear there isn’t an inch of the Whitefish and Flathead Rivers I didn’t row, a trail in Jewel Basin I didn’t hike, and a campground in Glacier I didn’t overnight. But …

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Regier on Held

“This is unconstitutional” has become a frequently used phrase intended to subvert the logic and rational understanding of the Montana Constitution.

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Board concerns

I’m reaching out to share some concerns about the recent appointment of Darin Fisher to the new planning commission. I’m disappointed to see Mr. Fisher on the commission, especially after he was voted off the counc…

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Opinion: Daylight Saving

We went for a walk on Sunday evening after supper. It would have been easy to stay in the house — it was raining and cold and damp.

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Opinion: Columnist imagines first days of wolf release

What was it like for 10 captured Oregon wolves when Colorado Parks and Wildlife opened their crates on a December day last year?

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Second thoughts on 442

For the last fourteen years, I have had the honor of serving as a member of the Montana Legislature. In each session, the Legislature has passed bills which the Governor has vetoed.

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Opinion: Being Montanan

Out of six hikers, my dog was the only one of us born in Montana. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Carolina and me, Wyoming. As we looked out over the snowy moun…

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War comes home to my small town

That might seem surprising since my town is more than 7,000 miles from Gaza, where in just a few months more than 29,000 people have been killed and nearly 2 million have been driven from their homes. But what is h…

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Opinion: Coalition for a Clean CFAC 10,000 strong and growing

The Coalition for a Clean CFAC is pleased to announced that over 1,000 Columbia Falls and Flathead area residents have signed a petition requesting that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Montana Dep…

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Money for what?

As it is about tax time again, I think these thoughts need to be expressed. Before I start into the main meat of this piece, I am going to throw out these statistics:

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NWE Plans Protect Montana Customers

Over the last several weeks we’ve seen a number of articles—both editorial and from news reporters—that lay blame for the need to purchase electricity on the open market at the feet of NorthWestern Energy and their…

Updated 2 months ago
Rep. Zinke supports ending forced organ harvesting and human rights atrocities in China

I would like to commend Rep. Ryan Zinke for his remarks made on Feb. 1 after a Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC) hearing to assess the recent U.N. review of China’s human rights record.

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Stop trying to manage climate change

Climate change has become a major issue. Joe Biden’s solution for us is a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030. He is also mandating that we make our electricity production carbon-free by 2035.

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Opinion: Little love stories

Hungry Horse News asked readers to submit their love stories for the Feb. 14 edition, 100 words or less. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks to all that sub…