Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Likes Sheehy, Smith

| May 22, 2024 7:15 AM

Voting is our opportunity to keep our freedom and make sure our government is fiscally responsible.  Our county and state balance their budgets, but the federal government is running on borrowed money. It would have been great if Sen. Jon Tester would have led an effort to stop the crazy spending rather than adding to it.  Tim Sheehey is my choice.

 I endorse Tanner Smith for governor because he has enthusiasm and ideas on how to redo our property taxes so that people do not lose their homes or water rights out of the Flathead River. Randy Brodehl, who is doing an excellent job as Flathead County Commissioner, is running for another term. He is working with Ryan Zinke who I endorse for his work on Glacier Park and water rights.

I endorse Austin Knudsen, Attorney General; Jerry O’Neil or Dan Wilson, State Supreme Court #3; Cory Swanson Chief Justice; Eric Hummel, Flathead County District Judge; Sharyl Allen, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Cristi Jacobsen, Mt Secretary of State; and Jim Brown, MT State Auditor.   

True conservatives believe the proper role of government is to be fiscally responsible and provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be done locally.  Each person’s freedom, dignity, ability and morals must be honored.  The budget must be balanced. 

In the State Senate, 3 positions are open.  I endorse Doug Adams SD 2; Carl Glimm SD 3; and Matt Regier SD 5.

In the State House, 10 positions are open.  I endorse Cathy Mitchell HD 3; Lyn Bennett HD 4; Braxton Mitchell HD 5; Amy Regier HD 6; Shaun Pandina HD 7; Lukas Schubert HD 8; Steve Kelly HD 9; Terry Falk HD 10; Edward Byrne HD 11and Tracy Sharp HD 12.

It is critical that this election produces principled conservatives to streamline our government and boost our economy without wasting any money or raising taxes. 

Verdell Jackson