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Yesterdays: Lodge at St. Mary nearly completed

| May 15, 2024 7:50 AM

70 years ago

May 14, 1954

Columbia Falls two new wells were producing 1,600 gallons of water a minute without a drawdown. Carpenters working on the Anaconda Aluminum Co. plant were considering a six-day work week in lieu of a pay raise. The workers were in their sixth week of a strike. Hugh Black’s Lodge in St. Mary just outside of Glacier National Park was almost completed.

60 years ago

May 15, 1964

The annual “Show Me” Day in Glacier National Park was well attended. The annual event allowed the general public to watch the snowplowing effort on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The Park Service has since stopped the practice.

50 years ago

May 17, 1974

There was an effort from the Park Service to listen more to locals and it was “refreshing,” Glacier National park Superintendent Phil Iversen said.

40 years ago

May 17, 1984

Martin City native Hugh Foley would carry the Olympic torch on its route to Los Angeles. Foley won an Olympic medal in rowing in 1964. He would likely carry the torch, the story said, on a 1-kilometer section near Seattle.

30 years ago

May 19, 1994

The county was set to adopt the Canyon Plan, a zoning document that outlined land use in the Canyon area and is still used today. The plan was the culmination of two-years worth of effort by citizens.

20 years ago

May 13, 2004

A final report on the death of former Glacier National Park Deputy Superintendent Jerry O’Neal couldn’t pinpoint where he caught the hanta virus that killed him. Several Park Service buildings O’Neal had been in had evidence of rodents as did his home and outbuildings at his residence. Hanta virus is spread by rodents, but is fairly rare.

10 years ago

May 14, 2014

Glacier National Park would move its visitor center from a small building which was a former home in Apgar to the new transit center. The visitor center is still in use today. The city was looking at possibly renovating the Red Bridge across the Flathead River. Nothing was ever done as no money was available.