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St. John lends personal touch to health care

| May 15, 2024 7:05 AM


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Family nurse practitioner Angela St. John has a personal touch for sure. While you may get stuck in a phone tree just trying to make a medical appointment at many places, St. John’s patients can reach her on her cell phone and she’s more than happy to return calls.

St. John has been practicing medicine for 22 years and she specializes in the treatment of diabetic patients.

St. John has personal experience in dealing with diabetes, she’s had Type I diabetes since she was 6 years old, she said during a recent interview.

She wasn’t always planning to be in medicine, however. She said she originally studied to be an accountant while in college, but her grades weren’t terrific, so she turned to medicine.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Carroll College in Helena she obtained her master’s degree at Montana State University, College of Nursing in Bozeman

She’s been in the medical field ever since.

“It’s been a good go,” she said.

It’s also been a bit of an adventure as well. She spent 5-1/2 years of her career working in the Alaskan bush in Aniak, seeing patients up and down the Kuskokwim River.

Her practice now is a bit more domestic, but no less rewarding. Her Hometown Clinic is located in the Cosley Building on Nucleus Avenue, just downstairs from the Three Forks Grille.

St. John and her staff take a holistic approach to health care, providing both Western and nontraditional options of care to her patients. She said she strongly believes that every person is entitled to choose how they want care and designs services to give them the best health possible.

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