Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Blotter: Kids climb amphitheater

| May 8, 2024 2:00 AM

May 3

A group of teenagers was counseled about unsafe behavior after reportedly climbing the amphitheater roof. A car collided with a guard rail off of Highway 206 resulting in smoke from the vehicle, injuries unknown. A man standing in the railroad tracks was found to be looking for rocks and graffiti. 

May 4

A man was cited for his dog being at large after it escaped for the second time and was behaving aggressively on Eighth Street. A verbal argument between three people was reported and broken up on Ninth Street. 

May 5

A man was found trespassing on Second Avenue after crawling around BNSF trains. Reckless driving was reported on a blue sports car speeding on Highway 2. A woman called in a suspect, possibly from a theft video she saw on Facebook, at the Blue Moon and Town Pump off Ninth Street. Harassment was reported on Ninth Street.

May 6

Police pulled over a rig with beams hanging off the end of the rig; owner said he would get some flagging. Car blew a stop sign and almost caused a wreck.