Saturday, June 22, 2024

Please vote Yes

by Becky Bates
| May 1, 2024 2:00 AM

As both a parent and educator in my 25th year, I urge our community to vote “yes” on the upcoming school levies. These levies are vital for maintaining education quality and ensuring our students’ success.

Having attended the Columbia Falls school board meetings over the past few years, I’ve witnessed their cautious approach. They’ve delayed running any levies until absolutely necessary. This year’s levies are no exception—they’re asking for the minimum to continue current operations.

The Building Reserve Levy for the High School District is crucial. Without it, we’ll need alternative spaces for classrooms in 2024-2025, disrupting education. Options include costly modular classrooms and virtual instruction.  This is a two year only levy increase but will provide for our students for years to follow.  Please show us you value safety for our students and staff.

If the Operational Levies for both Elementary and High School Districts fail, consequences are dire. Accreditation standards could suffer, leading to larger classes and reduced programs.

This combined investment ensures our schools have the resources they need to thrive.  On the lower end properties, these three levies will cost you approximately $5/month.  On the higher end properties, $20/month.  Reminding you that after two years that would be just $1/month on the lower end or up to $6/month on the higher end of property values.

A strong education system benefits everyone.  By voting “yes” on these levies, we ensure our children have the resources they need to succeed. Let’s unite to support our schools and ensure they remain the pride of our community.

Just Vote ‘Yes.”

Becky Bates

Columbia Falls