Monday, April 15, 2024

The Blotter: Gunshots reported

| March 27, 2024 2:00 AM

March 16

A gate was reported kicked in on Scenic Drive and two dogs missing. Two panels were kicked out of a fence on Evening Star Lane. A caller reported her ex was at her house stealing things on Fifth Avenue, she and the kids were staying at a friend’s house. A disturbance was reported on Martha Road after a neighbor heard a male hit something and say, “Get the — up,” with kids screaming in the apartment next door. 

March 17

A woman reported her son was driving with a suspended license and got pulled over in her car and asked what happened to her vehicle. 

March 18

Damages were reported on a Talbot Road concession booth. A woman reported passed out in front the seat of her parked car on Nucleus Avenue advised she was just sleeping and refused medical attention. A 9mm gun was found on Sixth Street, the owner was contacted. 

March 19

An ongoing issue of a barking dog was reported on Eleventh Avenue. Packages were reported stolen from a porch on Thirteenth Street. An argument between the caller’s boyfriend and his father was reported on Seventh Street with the intention of getting the parties separated. A juvenile was reported driving a four wheeler on Eighth Street. A man was reported tagging electrical boxes with spray paint on Nucleus Avenue, thought to be unarmed but possibly on meth. On Seventh Street a call about people going through a building with flashlights was confirmed to be law enforcement responding to the previous call. 

March 20

A person reported hearing gunshots in the city. A man who got in a fight was worried he’d get hit back with a baton. Police broke it up.

March 21

A vehicle was reported lingering at apartments on Fourth Avenue, the driver reportedly was looking for a former occupant of the building. An ongoing issue of a neighbor flying a drone over a house on Eleventh Avenue was reported.