Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Swimmers win in Hamilton

| June 26, 2024 4:55 AM

The Columbia Falls summer swim team won again last weekend, this time in Hamilton.

The team brought 45 swimmers to the meet and won with a score of 1,331 points. The Wildcats are on a roll this summer, winning all but one of the meets so far this season. With two regular meets remaining before the divisional meet, the team is excited to keep the momentum and success going. Their next meet is this weekend in Conrad.

“This weekend was essentially a dual meet between us and Bitterroot where we brought seven less kids but scored about 8 points per swimmer more. This illustrates how well these kids are preparing themselves for their races. We came away with another 7 high points with three new athletes bringing our total athletes count to 15 high point winners. Now we begin the build into the second half of the season,” coach Kyle Babcock said.

High Point Swimmers from the meet include:

Boys 8 and under: Mack Schultz

Girls 8 and under: Loxley Borgen

Boys 11/12: Fjord Borgen and Quinten Babcock 

Girls 11/12: Payson Scribner 

Boys 13/14: Talon Borgen

Boys 15/16: Joseph Leonhardt

Relay Results

Boys 8 & under

100y free 1st: L. Montiel, J.McClure, C. Steele, Ma.Schultz

100y medley 1st: L. Montiel, J.McClure, Ma. Schultz, C. Steele

Girls 8 & Under

100y free 1st: M. Krasteva, M. Conway, H. Roe, L. Borgen

100y medley 2nd: M. Krasteva, L. Borgen, M. Conway, H. Roe

Mixed 8 & under

100y  free 1st: S. Eastham, Mi. Schultz, H. Parsons, J. Mattingly

Boys 9/10

100y free 1st: J. Montiel, W. Mattingly, H. McClure, W. McClure

100y medley 1st: J. Montiel, W. Mattingly, H. McClure, W. McClure

Mixed 9/10

100y free 1st: T. Roe, L. Steele, D. Parsons, B. Bigelow 

100y free 2nd: Q. Roe, L. Sanders, W. Steele, T. Woywod

100y medley 1st: B. Bigelow, D. Parsons,T. Roe, L. Steele

Boys 11/12:

200y free 1st: Q. Babcock, L. Swank, J. Montiel, F. Borgen

200y medley 1st: F. Borgenm Q. Babcock, L. Swank, J. Montiel

Girls 11/12

200y free 1st: K. Daniels, H. Bigelow, E. Parsons, P. Scribner

200y medley 1st: H. Bigelow, E. Parsons, K. Daniels, P. Scribner

200y medley 3rd: I. Brooks, V. Parsons, B. Bates, Q. Roe

Mixed 13/14

200y free 1st: B. Chappuis, J. Kuntz, C.Gregg, T. Borgen

200y medley 2nd: B. Chappuis, J. Kuntz, C.Gregg, T. Borgen

Individual Results for High Point Swimmers in Each Age Group 

Boys 8 & Under:

Mack Schultz: 25y free - 1st, 50y free - 1st, 25y back - 2nd

Leo Montiel: 25y free - 3rd, 50y free - 2nd, 25y back - 4th

Christan Steele: 25y free - 5th, 50y free - 4th, 25y back - 3rd

Girls 8 & Under:

Mia Krasteva: 100y IM - 1st, 25y back - 2nd, 25y fly - 1st

Loxley Borgen: 25y free - 1st, 50y free - 1st, 25y back - 1st

Boys 9/10

William  McClure:100y IM - 1st, 50y free - 2nd, 50y breast - 1st

Brayden Bigelow: 50y breast - 4th, 100y free - 2nd, 50y back - 2nd

Girls 9/10

Teagan Roe: 100y IM - 4th, 50y breast - 2nd, 50y back - 3rd

Delia Parsons: 100y IM - 5th, 50y free - 5th, 50y breast - 3rd

Boys 11/12

Fjord Borgen: 50y free - 2nd, 100y free - 1st, 50y back - 1st

Quinton Babcock: 200y IM - 1st, 200y free - 1st, 50y breast - 2nd

Girls 11/12

Payson Scribner: 50y free - 1st, 50y back - 1st, 50y fly - 1st

Kaitlyn Daniels: 50y breast - 3rd, 100y free - 1st, 50y fly - 1st

Boys 13/14

Talon Borgen: 200y IM - 1st,  50y breast - 1st, 50y fly - 1st

Javen Kuntz: 50y free - 1st, 100y free - 1st, 50y breast - 2nd

Girls 13/14

Charley Gregg: 50y free - 2nd, 100y free - 3rd

Brooke Chappuis: 100y breast - 4th

Boys 15/19

Joseph Leonhardt: 50y free - 1st, 100y free - 1st, 100y back - 1st

Girls 15/19

Brooke Evans: 400y free - 3rd

Lizzie Burton: 50y free - 6th, 100y breast - 4th, 100y free - 3rd