Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Blotter: Dead pizza in the road

| June 19, 2024 7:30 AM

June 10

A woman was angry after some water spilled on her, so she got out of a truck and the driver took off. A man was punching a machine at a business on Nucleus Avenue and also defecated in a trash can. A woman with dementia reportedly wandered off.

June 11

Someone called concerned that some large trees might come down on their house. Wreck on Highway 2 after two trucks collided near the Truck Route. A small bear reported near Ruder Elementary School.

June 12

A person who was fired was being aggressive and wouldn’t leave a business. Police were pursuing an Audi at a high rate of speed, set speed spikes in West Glacier and beyond to try to stop it. Then a report of a male jumping out of the rig into a ditch. Not clear if they ever caught up with them. There was a report of a whole pizza in the road on Highway 2. Report of people stealing doughnuts from the store and then taking the stuff over to the alley behind the bowling alley.

June 13

A man with dementia was reported missing. Drunk driver on Highway 2. 

June 14

Someone claimed that some folks were intoxicated. When police found them, they seemed fine and were eating ice cream.

June 15

Drunk driver arrested on Talbott Road. Car hit the fence at the cemetery. No injuries. A fight on Crescent Drive over security cameras.

June 16

Man with dementia wandered off. He was found at Woodlawn Cemetery. A man with some mental problems called about a preacher from Libby and other topics.