Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Kennedy responds to Glimm

| June 19, 2024 7:35 AM

Senator Glimm,

We have not met yet, but we will, as we are both candidates for Montana Senate District 3.

I was surprised to see your opinion article on “Dealing with Chinese Aggression” from a legislator from Montana especially with the myriad of local issues that face the citizens of Montana, the Flathead Valley and your district. 

I have experience and worked in cutting edge Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and High Technology Industries for over 35 years.  I see in each of these arenas, U.S. corporations are partnered with Chinese innovators and leaders in technology development and manufacturing.  It makes no sense that with your analysis and opinion, you appear to pander to, and fan the flames of fear and paranoia and what borders on Anti-Asian racism- when China’s economic growth and leadership is primarily because they have joined in agreements with Worldwide and U.S. corporations to take risks that the U.S. willingly regulates out for the safety and stewardship of our people and our environment.  In my experience, I see it as not a race to be the technological leader, but more like a tenuous partnership for humanity. 

I do agree with you wholeheartedly on your words that the U.S. should continue to invest in research and development, foster innovation and an environment where democratic values and human rights are honored.  However, that is not what your actions via your legislative voting record and your party’s record here in Montana show.

You and your party’s not fully supporting public school funding and pushing to siphon off funding to create secular charter schools, thereby keeping Montana Public School teacher salaries the lowest in the country.  This does not bring the “Best and the Brightest” teachers here to help our children learn to be innovators.  It also reduces the options of bringing the leading edge tools and minds to help our Montana children learn.   We are lucky to have many very good public school teachers here, however, many retire or move to greener pastures as living here is cost prohibitive on such low salaries. 

Banning library books because of controversial subjects guides folks “into the box” of non-innovative thought and reduces “free thinking.”  It’s my experience that innovators mostly think “out of the box” and you and your local party are not much for those that stray “out of the box”.     

 Additionally, focusing on and legislating against the differences of a human and ostracizing them because you don’t care to understand their gender, dress or sexual orientation certainly doesn’t show you or your party honoring human rights.

And don’t even get me started on your party’s focus on legislation prohibiting a woman’s right to choose what is right for her body when it comes to reproductive health care.  To have to be on death’s doorstep, as in some states, before a woman can be saved by a simple medical procedure, is, in my opinion…well, the opposite of any human rights. 

 With a few other local issues like oppressively increasing property taxes, property insurance costs rising due to increased wildfires, in need Montanan’s being kicked off Medicaid and having to find affordable health care.  All this is decimating Montana family budgets along with everything else in the economy skyrocketing. 

Angela Kennedy