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Wildcats win in Cut Bank

| June 12, 2024 8:30 AM

Hungry Horse News

Columbia Falls Swim Team was thrilled to bring home a first place trophy from their second meet of the season in Cut Bank.  The team brought 44 swimmers to the meet and won with a score of 1,078 points (425 points above second place). With very limited pool time so far this season, the swimmers proved a force to be reckoned with.

“We had another amazing weekend in Cut Bank. Numerous beginners cut their teeth on their first meet and performed amazingly. Our veteran swimmers showed a strong presence with seven individual high point winners and many, many more in the top three. The whole team is itching for more pool time. This week we are in full swing and ready to take on the rest of the season,” coach Kyle Babcock said.

High Point Swimmers from the meet include:

  • Girls 8 and under: Mia Krasteva and Loxley Borgan

  • Boys 9/10: Jack Conway and Braydon Bigelow

  • Girls 9/10: Emmy Dyck

  • Boys 11/12: Fjord Borgan

  • Girls 11/12: Payson Scribner 

Relay Results

Boys 8 & under

  • 100m free 1st: H. Parsons, W. Steele, C. Steele, L. Montiel

Girls 8 & under

  • 100m free 1st: M. Conway, M. Krasteva, L. Borgen, C. Idleman

  • 100m medley 1st: M. Conway, C. Idleman, L. Borgen, J. Goodsell

Boys 9/10

  • 100m free 1st: R. Watkins, J. Conway, L. Steele, B. Bigelow

Girls 9/10

  • 100m free 2nd: T. Ramatatolo, T. Roe, D. Parsons, E. Dyck

Boys 11/12

  • 100m free 1st: A. Dyck, F. Borgen, A. Daniels, Q. Babcock

  • 100m medley 1st: A. Daniels, F. Borgen, Q. Babcock, A. Dyck

Girls 11/12

  • 100m free 1st: H. Bigelow, A. Idleman, K. Daniels, P. Scribner

  • 100m free 3rd: K. Ramatatolo, J. Goodsell, N. Watkins, V. Parsons

  • 100m medley 1st: H. Bigelow, A. Idleman, K. Daniels, P. Scribner

  • 100m medley 3rd: J. Goodsell, V. Parsons, K. Ramatatolo, N. Watkins

Boys 13/14

  • 100m free 1st: D. Montiel, J. Montiel, J. Kuntz, T. Borgen

  • 100m medley 1st: J. Kuntz, J. Montiel, T. Borgen, D. Montiel

Individual Results - High scoring swimmers in each age group

Boys 8 & Under:

Cristian Steele: 25m free - 4th, 50m free - 2nd, 25m back - 2nd

Girls 8 & Under:

Mia Krasteva: 100m IM - 1st, 25m back - 2nd, 25 fly - 1st

Loxley Borgen: 50m free - 1st, 25m back - 1st, 25 fly - 2nd

Boys 9/10

Jack Conway: 50m free - 1st, 100m free - 1st, 50m back - 2nd

Brayden Bigelow: 50m free - 2nd, 50m breast - 1st, 50m back - 1st

Girls 9/10

Emmy Dyck: 50m free - 1st, 100m free - 1st, 50m fly - 1st

Boys 11/12

Fjord Borgen: 50m free - 2nd, 100m free - 1st, 50m back - 1st

Girls 11/12

Payson Scribner: 50m free - 1st, 50m back - 1st, 50m fly - 1st

Boys 13/14

Javen Kuntz: 50m free - 3rd, 100m free - 3rd

Boys 15/19

Joseph Leonhardt: 50m free - 2nd, 100m free - 2nd, 100m back - 2nd