Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Blotter: Man claims he was hit in head by a dog bone

| July 10, 2024 6:55 AM

June 27

Woman was trespassing at a place on Fourth Avenue; in laundry room smoking cigarettes.

June 28

The cemetery called to say they had some parts from a wreck on Highway 2 they picked up. Suicide threat on Nucleus Avenue. A transient was blocking the sidewalk. They were asked to move along and they did. New neighbors were double parking at Fran Lou. Dog and cat fight on Third Avenue West.

June 29

Homeless man stopped by police department trying to get his stuff back. A teenage girl was “freaking out” over something. Lots of screaming on Fourth Avenue ­— man said he’d kill anyone who touches his daughter. Kid on bike hit by car, the car had the right of way and didn’t see cyclist. No injuries. Report of teens trying to break into a house and cars on 7th Street.

June 30

A man pushed a woman into a fence during an argument. Hit and run wreck on Fourth Street. 

July 1

Car on fire near the Highway 2 bridge. A woman was beating up on a man up the North Fork after he told her he was going to burn her house down.

July 2 

Hit and run on Nucleus. Police tracked the perp down. Kids messing around near railroad tracks were told to leave. 

July 3 

Neighbors claimed another neighbor was cutting down their tree. Neighbors blasting music on Second Avenue.  Man looking into cars on Bills Lane. 

July 4 

A person claimed a man tried to hit his rig with a weed eater. Lots of fireworks complaints. 

July 5 

A pit bull attacked other dogs on Riparian Drive. Rig on Highway 2 was all over the place, throwing sparks. Truck stolen on Halfmoon Road. 

July 6 

A person smashed another guy’s back window. A man threw a chair at a woman. Three-car wreck reported with a truck on a Corvette. No serious injuries. Man claimed woman hit him in the head with a dog bone. 

July 7 

Police got a tip about a man wanted for assault.