Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Blotter: Child escapes while parent in the bathroom

| July 3, 2024 6:40 AM

June 20

A woman said someone rang her doorbell at 12:24 a.m. He was caught by the camera and police took note. A woman was trespassing at apartments and harassing tenants. Another call of man ringing doorbells late at night. 

June 21

Dog bit a kid riding past it on a bike. Kid had puncture wounds.

June 22

A guy punched the mirror out on his rig and left debris in the road. Report of someone going 60 mph down 8th Avenue. 

June 23

Two females had a vicious argument about the rent. Report of a guy destroying a woman’s car. A person stung by a bee couldn’t breathe. Smoke report at Cedar Creek Lodge. 

June 24

There was a woman face down on the ground near Veterans Drive. She was alive. A customer ate soup twice without paying. Not sure how they got a second bowl.

June 25

Reckless driver on Second Avenue ran two stop signs. Someone spraying graffiti on stuff.

June 26

T-bone wreck on Highway 2. No major injuries. A child crawled out a window while the parent was in the bathroom. Someone called it in as child neglect as the kid was running around outside with just a diaper. The child was returned to Dad. That woman was lying face down on the ground again. Drunk woman on the ground on Nucleus Avenue.