Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Swim team nabs another victory as it nears post season

| July 3, 2024 6:05 AM

The Columbia Falls Swim Team is proud to bring home another first place trophy from their meet this past weekend in Conrad. The team brought 41 swimmers to the meet and won with a score of 971 points, beating the second place team by 459 points. With only one regular meet remaining in the season before the divisional meet at home, the team is geared up to finish strong. Their next meet is July 13 and 14 in Fort Benton.

“This weekend we focused on being mentally prepared to compete, and we are focused on readying ourselves for divisionals and state. These kids have been working so hard and it shows every morning and every weekend. I couldn’t be more proud,”  coach Kyle Babcock said.

High Point Swimmers from the meet include:

Boys 8 and under: Raef Edwards

Boys 9/10: Grady Talbot

Girls 9/10: Hadley Edwards

Girls 11/12: Payson Scribner

New Pool Records include:

Mixed 11/12 free and medley relays

Hadley Edwards - 100m IM, 50m free, 50m back, 50m fly

New Federation Records include:

Hadley Edwards - 50m fly

Relay Results

Boys 8 & under

100m free 1st: B. Watkins, J.McClure, V. Francischetti, R. Edwards

Mixed 8 & under

100m medley 1st: F. Idleman, C. Idleman, R. Edwards, J. McClure

Boys 9/10

100m free 1st: W. McClure, L. Slaybaugh, B. Bigelow, G. Talbot

100m medley 1st: B. Bigelow, L. Slaybaugh, G. Talbot, W. McClure

Girls 9/10

100m free 1st: T. Roe, Q. Roe, T. Ramatatolo, H. Edwards 

100m medley 1st: T. Ramatatolo, T. Roe, H. Edwards, Q. Roe

Mixed 9/10:

100m free 1st: R. Watkins, L. Francischetti, R. Williamson, C. Stephens

100m medley 1st: R. Williamson, C. Stephens, R. Watkins, L. Francischetti

Girls 11/12:

200y free 2nd: H. Bigelow, I. Brooks, K. Ramatatolo, B. Bates

200m medley 2nd: H. Bigelow, B. Bates, K. Ramatatolo, I. Brooks

Mixed 11/12:

200m free 1st: P. Scribner, Q. Babcock, K. Daniels, L. Swank

200m medley 1st: Q. Babcock, L. Swank, P. Scribner, K. Daniels

Girls 13/14:

200m free 1st: M. Talbot, C. Gregg, B. Chappuis, A. Idleman

Individual Results for High Point Swimmers in Each Age Group

Boys 8 & Under:

Raef Edwards: 25m breast - 1st, 25m back - 1st, 25m fly - 1st

James McClure: 25m free - 6th, 25m breast - 2nd, 50m free - 4th

Girls 8 & Under:

Cora Idleman: 25m free - 3rd, 25m breast - 1st, 50m free - 2nd

Faith Idleman: 50m free - 10th, 25m back - 10th

Harper Roe: 25m back - 8th

Boys 9/10

Grady Talbot: 100m IM - 1st, 100m free - 1st, 50m fly - 1st

William McClure:100m IM - 2nd, 50m free - 1st, 50m breast - 1st

Girls 9/10

Hadley Edwards: 50m free - 1st, 50m breast - 1st, 50m back - 1st

Tia Ramatatolo: 50m free - 3rd, 50m breast - 3rd, 100m free - 5th

Boys 11/12

Quinten Babcock: 200m IM - 2nd, 50m breast - 4th

Liam Swank: 50m free - 2nd, 50m breast - 1st, 50m fly - 3rd

Girls 11/12

Payson Scribner: 50m free - 1st, 50m back - 1st, 50m fly - 1st

Kaitlyn Daniels: 200m IM - 1st, 100m free - 2nd, 50m fly - 2nd

Girls 13/14

Morgann Talbot: 100m breast - 5th, 100m free - 3rd, 100m back - 3rd

Charley Gregg: 50m free - 5th, 100m free - 5th, 50m fly - 2nd

Brooke Chappuis: 50m free - 7th, 100m free - 6th

Girls 15/19

Brooke Evans: 400m free - 5th

Lizzie Burton: 50m free - 5th, 100m breast - 6th, 100m free - 4th