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Reps that show up

by Steve Gniadek
| January 31, 2024 2:00 AM

The weekly FishTank podcast, from the Montana Tap House in Whitefish, kicked off a new season Jan. 17. The podcasts are hosted by Ed Docter in a relaxed, informal way and are a great tool to get to know our current representatives and those running for office. In-person attendance was low at this one due to the weather which kept me away. But the snow didn’t stop Monica Tranel from being there as Ed’s first guest. As she joked, “I figure I’m running for the US House of Representatives, I can’t let a few flakes stop me from showing up!”

Check out the Youtube recording of this podcast if you believe in representative Democracy and think that our elected officials (local, state and federal) should work together to solve the problems of their constituents. That’s what Monica Tranel believes in, and if elected, she plans to show up and do exactly that. I feel confident that she’ll work hard on our behalf, because she’s already travelled 20,000 miles in her minivan since July, showing up across this district to develop relationships and learn about the issues facing our communities.

Throughout the conversation, Monica spoke with passion about Montana - her only home. She believes that Montanans deserve a representative in Congress who is genuinely interested in understanding them and working to help solve the issues they face. I believe that Montana deserves more than we’re getting from our current representatives. We deserve government that is accountable to we the people, one that serves us and not big out-of-state donors. I feel certain that if she is elected to Congress, Monica Tranel will show up for all of us and work hard to produce results.

Steve Gniadek

Columbia Falls

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