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The Blotter: Snow brings calls

| January 24, 2024 2:00 AM

Jan. 17

A business on Nucleus Avenue was worried that a person was a “loose cannon” and would come back with a gun. Hit and run accident on Nucleus. Police responded to numerous slide offs and fender benders. They also helped dig an elderly lady out of her driveway.

Jan. 18

A dog attacked another dog at Fran Lou Park.

Jan. 19

A neighbor was irate about fireworks being lit off near her house every night. A man was walking down the center lane of Highway 2 due to snow. He was given a lift to the Eagles Club so he could play some pool. DUI reported after a friend hit another friend’s car. Screaming on Bills lane was just that — a verbal argument only.

Jan. 20

A man buying a truck from an ex-girlfriend claims he was “ghosted” and is now out $1,000. Police told him it was a civil matter. 

Jan. 21

Police responded to a suicide threat. A person called Columbia Falls Police to report a lot of blood on the ground near Hubbart Dam Road, which is way south of Columbia Falls. It may have been a dog throwing up blood.

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