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The Blotter: Drone on Scenic Drive

| January 17, 2024 2:00 AM

Dec. 30

On Diane Road a 13-year-old home alone called his grandmother concerned that someone was in the house, she reported the concern to police. 

Dec. 31

On Scenic Drive residents reported an ongoing issue with a drone hovering above residences in the area, allegedly taking off from Eleventh Avenue West. Police asked to be informed if it happened again so they could contact the operator. On Tenth Avenue an alleged drunk driver was reported “spinning brodies” on the ice. 

Jan. 1

On Fourth Avenue law enforcement provided council on the eviction process when the caller reported their son-in-law was continuously acting disorderly on their property. 

Jan. 2

On Scenic Drive, a woman reported another drone sighting. A drone was found crashed in the street later that day that belonged to a real estate agent, but was unable to be positively identified as the one earlier reported. On Ninth Street, a man stole a cart of merchandise from a store. 

Jan. 3

On Ninth Street, the real estate banner over the Gateway Building was reported stolen over the holidays. 

Jan. 4

A man was trespassed from Super 1 for a year after being found stealing. A single vehicle slide off of Talbot Road resulted in no injuries and was able to be recovered. 

Jan. 5

A disorderly was reported on Ninth Street after the caller accidentally cut a man in a blue Chevy off and he placed a gun on his dashboard. On Talbot Road, a 14-year-old male was turned in for disorderly behavior after being sent to the principal’s office and becoming aggressive. 

Jan. 6

A man at the Blue Moon on Highway 2 reported that he had been overserved and removed from the building without his wallet. Others reported him acting disorderly in the parking lot in an attempt to get a ride. 

A blue Yamaha dirt bike believed to be stolen out of Bozeman was taken into custody. 

Jan. 7

A woman on Talbot Road was informed of city ordinances preventing her from shoveling show from her driveway to the street. Two people were called in for disturbing the peace after fighting on Nucleus Avenue. A man was reported for disorderly conduct for drunkenly fighting with people and breaking things on Seventh Street. A glass door was shattered by a rock on Ninth Street south of Alpine Medicine. 

Jan. 10

Reckless driving was reported on a juvenile male driving at another juvenile on Twelfth Avenue West, no imminent threat danger was determined and the driver was counseled on his behavior. 

Jan. 11

Ambulance assistance was requested on Ninth Street when a male in his late 50s-early 60s fell unconscious while doing maintenance work in a boiler room. 

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