Sunday, April 14, 2024

Blotter: Kindergartener brings joint with Valentine's cookies

| February 28, 2024 2:00 AM

Feb. 9

A man was cited for disorderly behavior walking down Nucleus Avenue kicking cars and yelling. On Highway 2, a man was trespassed after stealing three items from a business, theft charges were not pursued. 

Feb. 10

A woman called after a man helped her get into her vehicle, which she was locked out of. Her complaint was that he had dented the car in the process. 

Feb. 11

On Twelfth Avenue, an ongoing issue of a barking dog was reported, with the caller threatening to blare Taylor Swift music every morning to get even. A vehicular hit and run was reported on Nucleus Avenue, where the caller was rear-ended by a blue pickup. Also on Nucleus, a man reported a homeless person with their car stuck off of Coram Stage Road. A woman reported large animal tracks coming up to her house on Ninth Street, confirmed to be those of a dog. 

Feb. 12

A mother reported her daughter was being beaten by her boyfriend on Diane Road and was advised on a protection order. On Grace Road, a mother called in her ex-husband for driving their children around all weekend with a suspended license. On River Road, a head-on collision between a truck and Subaru resulted in a partial ejection, with one victim hanging from their window. Three lanes of traffic were blocked as EMS, police, Highway Patrol and Fire responded. The Twelfth Avenue barking dog was reported again. A person called in their father for a DUI on Highway 2. On Hilltop Road, a dispute about the caller’s daughter using the car without their consent, where the caller then took the car back from her, stranding her at work, turned into a disorderly with the daughter locked in her room with a 9 mm threatening to kill the caller and their dogs. A verbal disturbance on Ninth Street occurred between sibling roommates arguing about one sleeping in the living room. 

Feb. 13

A woman on Talbot Road accidentally ran a bus stop arm and reported herself to law enforcement. 

Feb. 14

Law enforcement was called to Twelfth Avenue when a kindergartener was accidentally sent to school with a box of Valentine’s cookies containing a misplaced joint. The student’s mother said she thought she lost the joint and was embarrassed; she allowed law enforcement to destroy it. 

Feb. 15

A juvenile male made suicidal threats on Talbot Road. Several students got into a shoving match during lunch on Thirteenth Street. A woman trespassed from Columbia Falls Senior Center was accused of stealing another person’s wallet at bingo. On Diane Road, a woman with a no contact order messaged a man 35 times. 

Feb. 16

An older man in a blue truck was reported following a 16-year-old boy on Second Street. 

Feb. 17

A man dressed in camo holding an AR was reported for suspicious activity on Nucleus Avenue. A noise complaint for music was called in on Nucleus, twice. All the street lights on Nucleus from Ninth to Fourth Street were out, public works was alerted. A verbal disturbance was reported on Tenth Avenue after a male and female got into an argument over sleeping arrangements, the male started throwing her things out of the house. The woman was escorted to the airport. 

Feb. 18

On Tenth Avenue, the caller’s girlfriend’s dad tried to strangle him in a verbal dispute, all parties were intoxicated and there were no visible signs of injury, they were given statements to submit. 

Feb. 19

A large white horse running along Highway 2 east of Columbia Falls was caught and returned to owners. 

Feb. 20

On Second Avenue, an “air bubble coming out of the ground” was reported to the water department. 

Feb. 21

On Fifth Street, a man threatened to shoot himself if his wife divorced him, police took three guns from the house for holding. The man was evaluated for mental health risks and given a safety plan. 

Feb. 22

No reports available

Feb. 23

A disturbance was called in on Thirteenth Street in a verbal altercation between a bystander and teenage drivers who were allegedly speeding. 

Feb. 24

Two juveniles were asked to stop playing football in the Pizza Hut parking lot, and were told as long as they were being safe in the street, they could play there. 

Feb. 25

On Ninth Street, a pair of gambling customers were called in for a disturbance when one pushed the other out of his chair and allegedly threatened to kill him. A rifle was reported stolen on Seventh Avenue. A man asked for help with his girlfriend, who had taken his phone and refused to give it back after he took her keys to keep her from driving under the influence on Ninth Street.