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Yesterdays: 30 years ago, avalanche at Marion Lake

| February 21, 2024 2:00 AM

70 years ago

Feb. 19, 1954

About 200 elk were killed by members of the Blackfeet tribe as the animals drifted out of Glacier National Park. Native people were permitted to hunt year-round, and sold the elk’s meat for $60 a carcass. One man was reported to have harvested 20. At the time, Glacier had an estimated 3,140 elk with room for 2,400. 

60 years ago

Feb. 21, 1964

Columbia Falls City Council ordered a “dog quarantine” for two weeks that March, with the aim of allowing animal control to round up the strays.  A new dog pound was being arranged for the impounded. 

50 years ago

Feb. 22, 1974

The Columbia Falls United Methodist Church was for sale, set to be removed by April 15. A new “alpine-type church sanctuary” was to replace it at 130 First Avenue West. 

40 years ago

Feb. 23, 1984

The drug and alcohol rules were changing at Columbia Falls High School, giving students an alternative to expulsion for violations. Violators instead would be able to leave  the school district and attend elsewhere, or follow the CA/RE path and enter an insight program. 

30 years ago

Feb. 24, 1994

Whitefish skier Ed Schmidt was skiing in the backcountry above Marion Lake when the snow gave way and he was caught in an avalanche, breaking his leg in three places. He was saved from being crushed by getting caught in a snag, so that he ended up mostly on top of the snow, save his legs. 

20 years ago

Kelly Zuhlke, suspect in the arson of a Hungry Horse mobile home, was arrested in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. A pine marten made its way into the Apgar Visitor Center and was persuaded to leave of its own accord. 

10 years ago

Feb. 26, 2014

A 55-year old Hungry Horse woman, Pamela Haines, was charged with deliberate homicide for the shooting death of her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. A proposed Columbia Falls ordinance that would put water bills in the name of landlords, rather than tenants, was protested by citizens and unanimously voted down by city council.