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Hungry Horse News 'Yesterdays' for Feb. 7

| February 7, 2024 12:00 AM

70 years ago

Feb. 5, 1954

The community of Polebridge had been isolated for about a month due to five to six feet of snow; families there were traveling by snowshoe. Plowing progress was about a mile a day, but where the road was clear moose were hijacking the right-of-way, “The big animals dislike leaving the cleared road to get out of the way of vehicles. They run ahead with their hackles bristling, occasionally turning to challenge the right of cars. Sometimes, they charge.” 

60 years ago

Feb. 7, 1964

A wood fiber plant proposed by Big Sky Corporation near Columbia Falls prompted concern about air pollution. Air sampling in the Flathead Valley by the Montana State Board of Health started in July 1963, with one sampling station located at Columbia Falls High School. A photo of Roy Anders by Mel Ruder showed him holding a fiberglass filter from the CFHS station, blackened after 24 hours of use. 

50 years ago

Feb. 7, 1974

Snowmobiles were proving a problem, with 10 citations for machines without a license, a plead from Flathead National Forest for snowmobilers to stay off of roadways, and the report of a fatality – Mary M. Wade of Libby, who was thrown from her machine into a guardrail – published in the paper that week.

40 years ago

Feb. 9, 1984

A bighorn sheep was found dead in Glacier National Park, the sixth that winter believed to be killed by pasteurellosis, a pneumonia-like disease. One hundred and fifty of 210 postcards had been returned to the county after they were mistakenly sent out with postage of $13 apiece, garnering a 90% refund from the post office. 

30 years ago

Feb. 10, 1994

Columbia Falls Police nabbed a group of six 13 and 14-year old baseball card thieves who managed to steal 1,163 cards from Town Pump over the course of two weeks. The cards were returned to Town Pump and the boys served misdemeanor theft charges. 

20 years ago

Feb. 5, 2004

Three canyon homes, one each in Martin City, Coram and Hungry Horse were burned down that week. An oxygen tank, wood stove and arsonist were the respective alleged firestarters. 

by Big Sky Corporation 

10 years ago

 Feb. 5, 2014

The Columbia Falls High School Speech and Debate Team brought home their ninth consecutive State A championship. A feature on Robin Crouch highlighted her 40-plus years of work in the kitchen of School District 6 and her help around the community. “The world is a better place with Robin,” said co-worker Betty Belston, who had worked with Crouch for 23 years. “At least our world is.”