Thursday, July 25, 2024

CFAC concerns from C-Falls citizens

by Renee Metcalf
| February 7, 2024 2:00 AM

The proposed cleanup plan for the CFAC Superfund site is unacceptable.

The CFAC property is a beautiful 960 acres of land along the Flathead River and below Teakettle Mountain – it’s the true Gateway to Glacier. Our community should be dreaming big about how that land will be used in the future – open space, light manufacturing, community gathering place, commercial use, wildlife corridor, affordable housing, trail network, concert venue – there are countless possibilities to consider. We can look to the successful cleanup and redevelopment of the Milltown Superfund site near Missoula as an inspiring example of what is possible. 

For the CFAC property to remain forever barricaded behind fences and unfit for human use would be a great tragedy. The only reason that has been put forward by the EPA as the preferred plan is that the multi-billion-dollar company responsible for the clean-up does not want to pay to remove the toxic waste. Our community deserves a better solution! 

We have a short window of time before the EPA makes a final decision about the CFAC cleanup. It is urgent that we communicate to the EPA and to our elected representatives that we will not accept a permanent toxic waste dump in our community. 

Renee Metcalf

Columbia Falls