Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Glencore should clean CFAC up right

by Gary Hall
| April 3, 2024 2:00 AM

In response to Chris Peterson’s article published in local papers: EPA: Cost to remove CFAC waste could be more than $1 billion. 

One thing stands out that must be considered… The proposed EPA action for clean-up of the site calls for containing the waste, ALL of the toxic waste sites on the property for perpetuity. 

The article states the groundwater beneath is contaminated with cyanide and fluoride. The EPA raised concerns that digging up the waste could be harmful by transporting it out of here and exposing multiple communities en-route to Oregon. 

My point here is Glencore, who generates profits of billions of dollars per year from their other ventures poisoned our beautiful Columbia Falls property and its OK to leave it a desolate and dead property from here on, potentially poisoning not only our groundwater but our pristine river below. 

The costs for future health issues including cancers etc. will be astronomical and litigation costs if not properly taken care of now. The article states the groundwater has been contaminated for years, so the question that begs to be asked is: IS IT REALLY OK TO LEAVE THE TOXIC WASTE IN OUR COMMUNITY? 

I say no a thousand times over… Glencore can easily afford to do the right thing and remove the toxic waste by rail and do the right thing after making billions of dollars from the site and their very profitable other ventures. How dare they position themselves to leave a community devastated and worthless? Lastly, CFAC’s parent company, Glencore would be responsible for a large portion of the clean up but former Atlantic Richfield would contribute 35%, ARCO is owned by energy giant British Petroleum. Stay informed, be involved and lets get back that prime property for future generations. Us locals love our community and will fight to the end to preserve it, just saying.

Gary Hall

Columbia Falls