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The Blotter: Bong smoker on newspaper's front lawn

by Hungry Horse News
| May 24, 2023 2:00 AM

May 10

A male left Super One with a bag of groceries and headed east on Highway 2 in a white Subaru. A man was reported stealing engine oil and a coke at Town Pump. A couple stole some lawn chairs worth $25 from a store front on Highway 2 in a white truck.

May 11

Two backpacks with drug paraphernalia were found under a car on Nucleus. Report of a verbal argument that broke out involving a contractor on Cedar Pointe Loop. A suspended junior higher was seen loitering on the campus. Police responded to a suicide threat on Highway 2.

May 12

A woman reported that her boyfriend received a Facebook friend request from a person she had a restraining order against. Report of an intoxicated driver yelling at some kids in the Smith’s parking lot.

May 13

A manager at Ace Hardware stated that a driver recklessly drove through the store parking lot, destroying various things. Report of some stolen roofing on Kimberly Lane. Report of some stolen tires from a shed on 8th Street. Some teenagers out past curfew said they were grabbing some snacks for their parents at a gas station.

May 14

Police received a complaint that four kids were seen messing with some Porta Potties on Talbot Road. A woman reported a stalker.

May 15

Report of a male seen smoking something out of a bong in front of the Hungry Horse News and yelling, as well as talking to himself. Suspect left on a bicycle before the police arrived. Some kids were playing on a rail bridge on Vans Avenue. Report of some people speeding near the high school. Report of a stolen high schooler’s backpack on 1st Avenue.

May 16

A four-year-old female was seen running through a construction zone on Martha Road. A toddler was seen attempting to climb out a window at a house on Martha Road, the mother of the child was later upset with the reporting party. Noise complaint about a car alarm on Bills Lane.

May 17

No report.

May 18

No report.

May 19

Police responded to a civil dispute on Dawn Drive, reporting party heard threats to use a firearm.

May 20

A man said when he woke up there was a suspicious vehicle on his property with dark, tinted windows. Report of two males in a heated argument on 7th Street.

May 21

A man found a young girl in diapers wandering around his property on 7th Street. Report of two females smoking marijuana out of the back of a truck on Diane Road. Report of a truck doing burnouts on 4th Avenue — struck a gate then took off.