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The Blotter: Man set kitten trap, caught a skunk

| May 10, 2023 6:50 AM

April 29

A civil disturbance occurred after a vehicle collision in a car wash parking lot. Some kids were seen opening garage doors and leaving on 12th Avenue.

April 30

An accident occurred on Highway 2 after a car was following a truck too closely, no injuries reported. Report of a man who crawled through a dog door at a home on Beth Road and refused to leave the house.

May 1

A saw was stolen out of a truck at a gas station. A person reported smelling a meth-like-odor in a bathroom of the high school.

May 2

Report of a house fire involving several mobile homes on Terrace Drive. A verbal altercation broke out near the Blue Moon after a two car collision occurred on Highway 2. Report of a group of three males seen vandalizing items and jumping fences near Franlou Park Lane.

May 3

A woman claimed a man brandished a firearm towards her on Highway 93. Report of a stolen vehicle seen near the airport. A homeowner reported their neighbor might be selling drugs. Report of a break-in at a tattoo parlor.

May 4

A parent reported their daughter had been assaulted by a group of males, the female was brought in for questioning. A log fell off a truck at the intersection of Nucleus and Highway 2.

May 5

A man attempting to catch kittens caught a skunk and didn’t know how to get rid of it. A female misplaced her car in the Smith’s parking lot.

Report of several shots coming from a vehicle, a white Subaru Impreza with Washington plates, in the Blue Moon parking lot, the vehicle was also seen in the Super One parking lot.

May 6

Police responded to a suicide threat of a man who lived in town but said he was heading towards Glacier with suicidal thoughts. A female received online death threats, filed for a restraining order.

May 7

Report of indecent exposure from a man in a ski mask and hoodie in front of a 14-year-old female.