Saturday, April 01, 2023

The Blotter: Too many dogs in city limits

| March 15, 2023 2:00 AM

Mar. 6

A homeowner on Columbia Drive was concerned about their neighbor’s dogs barking, they had at least eight dogs which is beyond the city ordinance of four. Report of a parking lot hit and run on 7th Street.

Mar. 7

A female complained that her boyfriend stole her phone after an argument, did not want to press charges.

Mar. 8

A new resident at the Highline Apartments on Bills Lane reported a couple next door in a verbal altercation. A parent on 8th called police asking them to come talk to their misbehaved 14 year old who did not want to go to bed.

Mar. 9

An enraged party called police in a rant about a kids on Tik Tok and claiming to have information about the threatening email that went to the high school. An injured deer was seen at the high school.

Mar. 10

A party left their Apple iPad in a shopping cart at Super One, was missing from the cart — store manager checked the security footage.

Mar. 11

Report of a two vehicle collision on B Street, both parties were injured. Report of a vehicle doing donuts and driving recklessly on 6th Avenue, reporting party was loading her kids into her car while it took place.

Mar. 12

A male in his 50s fell along Highway 2 receiving cuts on his nose, non responsive. Police advised several males at a park on 13th Street that they were out past curfew.

Mar. 13

Report of loud music near the tennis courts by the high school. Report of a domestic dispute on 3rd Street, female worried her husband might become violent with her children. Report of a fender bender in a parking lot on 2nd Avenue.

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