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Opposition to speed bumps

| January 18, 2023 12:20 PM

To the editor: In regards to your sleep issues and subsequent ‘ideas’. I strongly suggest you speak to your doctor about getting a sleep aid prescription.

As a homeowner on Meadow Lake Dr. I believe your idea of requesting the county abandon this street so that we can put a speed bump on this road seems ‘wacky’ a half awake idea. To accept the cost and responsibility so that a developer can sell 103 lots in a small area makes little sense, although I do have an idea how we could make this work: As street owners we could place a toll booth on the road. We could have three different rates. One rate (free) would be for the homeowners on the street. The next rate would be for those traveling to other streets and the third rate (much higher) would be for sleep deprived newspaper editors.

— John Powell Meadow Lake Dr. Columbia Falls

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