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The Blotter: Man kicked out of home by kids

| August 30, 2023 2:00 AM

Aug. 23

A “very intoxicated” man was reported trying to steal a wheelchair and a little boy’s bike from a store on Nucleus Avenue.

Aug. 24

A woman called in neighboring children for throwing crabapples and toys over and rocking her very expensive fence on Seventh Street after she had already spoken to them. When she asked if she would be able to install barbed wire and electrify the fence, she was advised against it and told that extra patrols would be done in the area.

A disturbance of the peace was called in on Third Street as the caller’s father, known to become aggressive with their mother when drunk, was intoxicated and confrontational.

On Second Avenue, a man broke down the door to his home after his child and other occupants dumped all his property on the lawn and locked him out.

Aug. 25

An officer responded to a disturbance involving two parents verbally arguing with their 13-year-old son refusing to go to bed on Third Avenue.

Aug. 26

Four male subjects were found disturbing the peace in an argument about a lost dog on Second Avenue. A fight on Highway 2 was called in when threats were made to grab weapons, when officers arrived the situation had been diffused by bouncers.

Aug. 27

A public safety call was made on two teenage girls lying in the road on Second Street. In Hungry Horse, a woman called in her boyfriend for hitting her car with their child inside, and he called her in for driving while drinking and smoking. A man struck the windshield of a woman’s car on Nucleus Avenue in a dispute, causing it to spiderweb. Plates from the truck were seized, as they were inactive and registered to the previous owner, and both parties were counseled on disorderly conduct.