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Likes newspapers

| April 26, 2023 2:00 AM

The tireless editor/reporter/janitor at the Hungry Horse News must have cloned himself in order to put out the April 19 edition.

The variety and depth of reporting, and the spillover of those articles onto the pages of The Daily Inter Lake, reveal at least two things about the Flathead’s “last best place.” First, that the concerns experienced by our county neighbors to the south and west —population growth, land management, business development, housing — have landed on Nucleus Ave. and in surrounding communities. Also, that reporting the news of change — such as the transition of community leadership to a new school superintendent — is vital.

Also revealed is how valuable good journalism is to a community and how important it is for journalists, editors, publishers and sales managers to keep publishing news — and opinions — on paper. Where else is the distinction between news and opinion so clearly delineated?

Where but on the opinion pages can we find such diversity of views in our community in a safe space — albeit one that riles us up at times? For example, letters appearing in the 4-18 edition of the DIL and the 4-19 HHN warrant letters in response. Braxton, come on man — CRT; and tax-preparing IRS agents? Seriously?! But I digress.

Despite the challenges, expense and logistics of delivering the newsPAPER every week, or every day but Saturday, I hope the owners and employees or our local papers, and those in communities across the country, do everything possible to keep the presses running.

Of course there are successful examples of digital publishing, such the Montana Free Press and Daily Montanan. Likewise, it is with hope that the suspension of the Flathead Beacon’s weekly print edition does not erode their ability to continue supporting the excellent reporting and journalism available in their online paper.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, or maybe just an old, retired Flathead reporter. The end of the Inter Lake’s delivery to my doorstep or the HHN to my mailbox is a news story I hope to never read.

Roger Hopkins

Columbia Falls