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Likes Middlesworth, Riley

| April 26, 2023 2:00 AM

I would like to endorse Barb Riley and T.J. Middlesworth as trustees in the District 6 school board elections.

We have a new superintendent and I strongly feel he will benefit from the experience and expertise of these two candidates. I have served on the school board for several years.

In addition, I have served for several years as a trustee at FVCC and at the state level for school administration. Both of these candidates have excellent experience to contribute to the board, school, superintendent, and community.

Neither are representing the unspoken agenda of book banning, gender dystopia and censorship.

On another note, I would like to see the school board support a community based winter program in the Canyon Elementary School building. We built a beautiful school with the support of residents in the Canyon as well as Columbia Falls and rural areas, and then our kids were shipped to town.

Each winter the school sits empty except for Glacier Health and a monthly dinner which is well attended. Each winter elderly people and many others sit at home in isolation.

It is difficult for many to get out and exercise anywhere given the cold, snow, ice. And no, it’s not economical or practical for most to drive to Kalispell to walk in a mall or buy membership to a club not located in the area. Some walk up and down grocery aisles for exercise, but most sit in their homes.

Why can’t the district make the Canyon school available for use in the winter? I inquired and was told it would cost us $75 each time for insurance. Wow!

How many have that kind of money to pony up each time we use the facility? I would like to see the district support the use of the empty portions of the building at least from lunch time to at least 3 p.m. (gee, we could even get ‘meals on wheels’ that all other valley residents benefit from but not us).

We (and this could include Columbia Falls residents) could use the gym, gather in rooms for crafts, cards, other games, movies, etc.

This use would allow folks who make up the tax base to at least walk around safely, enjoy some camaraderie, get a decent meal, and “hang out” together.

I’m talking January to March. I’m talking opening the doors for three months, three hours a day for at least three days a week. 3,3,3. The district pays insurance for all of the buildings and to whack folks another $75 for each use is ridiculous. Rather than throwing up road blocks, please open the doors for this simple use. Thank you.

Marion Foley

Martin City