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Likes Foust, Upton

| April 26, 2023 2:00 AM

All Columbia Falls voters should have received their School Board Election Ballots. This is an extremely important election this year. The Columbia Falls High School Report Card for the 2021-2022 is pretty dismal. Columbia Falls had a 77% failure rate in math and 55% failure rate in reading.

Due to this report, I am voting for Megan Upton and Jonathan Foust. Both will work to achieve Academic Excellence and try to stop this downward trend that has continued for years. The ballots ask to vote for 3 candidates but vote just for the two above and leave the third blank. We do not need the same quality of people we have had for years sitting on our school board.

This year the election has changed. You can return your ballot to the Election Department either by mail or in person directly. You can also return it to the Columbia Falls School District Administration office.

The important part is ballots must be received by May 2 or it will not be counted so it MUST be mailed by Thursday, the April 27.

Please voters, remember to vote for Megan Upton and Jonathan Foust only and get your ballots mailed ASAP or your vote will not be counted.

Judy Territo

Columbia Falls