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Supports Upton

| April 19, 2023 2:00 AM

The election for School District 6 Board of Trustees is underway. The ballots were mailed out on Monday April 17, and must be returned by Tuesday May 2.

The Columbia Falls community is fortunate to have one outstanding candidate running for that office this year. That candidate is Megan Upton. You have seen her signs, banners and flyers around the community. You might even have received a phone message from her.

She is a Columbia Falls graduate, a small business owner and the parent of a Columbia Falls High School freshman. Her daughter is a 2022 CFHS graduate. She is a woman of faith.

She is an unwavering supporter of student success, student safety, student academic excellence, and parental rights and active participation in the education of their children. She supports teachers and will be a steward for taxpayer funds. She is a fresh face who will bring energy, enthusiasm, dedication, a tireless work ethic, and new ideas with her as she takes her place on the board. She believes that it is only through effective and respectful listening and open communication among parents, students, teachers, administrators, trustees and our new superintendent that workable solutions can be found to our district’s most pressing problems.

In short her positivity, enthusiasm, responsibility, fresh face, energy, communication skills and traditional values, will make her a PERFECT addition to the Columbia Falls School board.

We often hear people complain about our local, state and national institutions.

We have all said or heard the repetitive phrase, “What can one person do?” Here is what one person can do in Columbia Falls... If you want to take advantage of this rare candidate you must take the time and spend the energy to mark your ballot for Upton, and to return that ballot for processing. Megan will work hard to accomplish what is best for you and the children, but she can best do so once she is elected. And, here is what you, that one vital person, can do;

Vote Upton.

Joe O’Rourke

Columbia Falls

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