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Billings woman likes Upton

| April 19, 2023 2:00 AM

The youth are the future of this country, and they need stability in education more than ever. School board elections are happening now. What an impactful way to make long lasting change for the future. I would like to encourage you to participate in the school board elections.

I would also like to voice my personal support of Megan Upton for Columbia Falls, School District 6. Megan brings a heart for supporting children and parents, and an understanding that education is a wonderful place to serve both.

Today’s challenges are complex; with trustees having to consider everything from the safety and security of our schools to students use of cell phones. Megan brings common sense and compassion to the dynamic needs we see in education and will be a strong advocate for what is in the best interest of Montana students.

Megan is a woman of strong faith, an active community member, and a businesswoman. As your trustee, Megan will utilize the skills she has developed in business to make sure the stewardship of district resources is handled with integrity and transparency. As a mother she will prioritize educational excellence.

Please take the time to vote in this critical election for education. I was born in Kalispell and have spent the better part of my career working in Montana politics at the federal, state, and local level. Without a doubt, I have to say grassroots is my passion — it deals with issues closest to the people and what most affects our day to day lives. Education is not only the issue closest to the people, but its effects are also very long lasting. I highly recommend a well spent vote for Megan Upton.

Jenna McKinney