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The Blotter: Grizzly in the garbage

| September 28, 2022 7:00 AM

Sept. 19

It was reported that four teenagers in all black were harassing a store employee at Smith’s. The teenagers confronted her and recorded her reaction on their phones. Report of a phone line giving off sparks in an alleyway behind Subway on Highway 2.

Sept. 20

Three juvenile males were caught in the act of stealing outside a store on 9th Street. An elderly man riding his bike on Riparian Drive crashed after taking a turn too fast, the man hit his head in the accident and was taken by ambulance to North Valley Hospital.

Sept. 21

Report of a vehicle owner waking up to their car window smashed in on their Jeep Patriot. A man reported being verbally accosted with profane language by one of his apartment neighbors on a regular basis.

Sept. 22

A man was seen trespassing on the back entrance of Flathead Industries Thrift with an orange backpack and sleeping bag. He allegedly urinated on the donations, according to reports.

Sept. 23

A high school student was hit by a car while riding their bike to school, the student claimed they were OK, but the vehicle followed them to school to make sure, report unsure who was at fault. Report of two females being put into custody after being caught stealing from Super 1.

Sept. 24

Report of a female getting locked in the laundry room of her apartment building on 12th Street, no injuries. A whitewater raft on a snowmobile trailer was reported stolen from in front of a house on 4th Street. A black bear was harassing neighbors on 3rd Avenue and not letting them get out of their car. A grizzly was spotted going through trash cans on Bills Lane.

Sept. 25

A red Subaru drove off the road on Meadow Lake Boulevard and was pushed back onto the road by local residents. Several kids were seen throwing rocks and sticks at oncoming vehicles near the viaduct.

Sept. 26

Report of a 10 year old boy playing with sticks at a playground 7th street that pulled out a large knife. A chamber member was receiving indirect Facebook threats after accidentally shooting a dog that they thought was a wolf.

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