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Yesterdays: Howard G. Satterthwaite was named general manager of the new Anaconda Aluminum Co. plant in Columbia Falls

| November 23, 2022 12:15 PM

70 years ago

Nov. 21, 1952

Howard G. Satterthwaite was named general manager of the new Anaconda Aluminum Co. plant in Columbia Falls. The plant was just beginning construction. The Mormon Church has started a new chapel in Columbia Falls.

60 years ago

Nov. 23, 1962

The type II polio vaccine was coming to Columbia Falls. The cost was 50 cents. Big winds swept across the region and the state. Helena saw a gust of 74 mph and Livingston saw one of 115 mph.

50 years ago

Nov. 24, 1972

Another round of class action lawsuit notices was sent to Columbia Falls landowners in a pollution lawsuit against the Anaconda Aluminum Co. filed by Columbia Falls dentist Loren Kreck. The first round got no takers, the second round was about 300 notices to people who either didn’t respond or had recently bought property. Pollution from the plant was killing or damaging trees, but the plant was a major employer in town and few supported the suit.

40 years ago

Nov. 25, 1982

The state was set to eliminate salmon snagging. The move came after a tremendous drop of salmon spawning in Lower McDonald Creek from more than 100,000 to about 27,000 just a year later in 1981. The salmon are all but gone today.

30 years ago

Nov. 26, 1992

The Blackfeet Tribe was suing Glacier National Park, claiming a 1895 Treaty gave them rights to hunt, fish and cut trees in the park. Superintendent Gil Lusk said he welcomed the suit, as it would settle the matter. The treaty still comes up today, however.

20 years ago

Nov. 21, 2002

The old A&W restaurant was torn down to make way for a new one. The burger joint had been in operation since 1967 and still is today. Columbia Falls annexed the Big Sky Trailer Park near Ruder Elementary School. Gov. Judy Martz, a Republican, was calling for a statewide sales tax that would target goods bought by tourists.

10 years ago

Nov. 21, 2012

A request to be paid in silver and gold coins by House District 3 Legislator Jerry O’Neil was denied by the state. O’Neil claimed the constitution said he should be paid in gold and silver coins. The state found otherwise.

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