Monday, December 05, 2022

Endorses Mitchell

| May 11, 2022 6:50 AM

As a colleague of Braxton Mitchell‘s, I know it takes building relationships in your community to get elected. When you get to Helena, you need to build new relationships with your colleagues to get things done.

As former House Majority Leader, I have not only built my own relationships, but also had the pleasure of helping new lawmakers build some as well. As a Helena outsider, Representative Mitchell proved himself capable of being an effective legislator and someone who can think for himself. He had readied himself by building relationships with his future colleagues prior to even being sworn in. I saw that the relationships he built were with those who shared his conservative values, were focused on their districts, and were not swayed by being wined and dined by “the right people” who often try to bring new representatives into the establishment. Because he never compromised his principles or his district, there was never any question as to how he would vote. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for all of our colleagues.

Consistency and integrity have earned him the endorsement of groups like Montanans for Limited Government, The Montana Family Foundation, CPAC, the NRA and others. As House Majority Leader, and a more senior member of the legislature, I have seen legislators lose their primaries. It is almost always due to the fact that they are out of step with the values of their constituents. Braxton Mitchell has earned an “A” rating from the NRA, unlike his opponent who received a “D” rating, he received a 100% rating from The Montana Family Foundation, and he received the 2021 Business Champion Award from the Montana Chamber of Commerce, these are just some of many issues that demonstrate that he is in step with your values. Based on his record, and the leadership I saw him demonstrate, I offer my full endorsement for his re-election, and ask you support him as well.

Former House Majority Leader Brad Tschida


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