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The Blotter: Pizza kick assault or fun?

| May 11, 2022 7:55 AM

May 4

Report of a female trespassing and barricading herself in an apartment on Diane Road, report claims she seemed disoriented. Police responded to a report of theft from several grocery stores by a female in a black flatbed truck.

May 5

A man called claiming he was in a state of emergency, having been homeless and wearing the same clothes for four days – when the dispatcher offered advice he claimed it was not good enough, and hung up.

May 6

Report of a 15-year-old employee being assaulted and kicked by a manager, claiming he did not make the correct size pizza, the reporting employee was not sure if it was an assault or done in jest.

May 7

After arriving early and waiting for a store to open, a customer got upset when the store employee served another customer first, so the upset patron followed them out the store and made them feel threatened with a knife on their belt.

May 8

A bar on Nucleus reported an intoxicated female patron who was throwing glasses and stormed out, driving off in a silver Toyota.

May 9

A concerned parent reported their son was jumped when walking alone to school. Report of a student being suspended from high school for bringing nicotine vapes on campus.

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