Friday, August 19, 2022

Seventh grader pens book on Montana

Editor | June 8, 2022 12:20 PM

Did you know that Montana has 522 different species of moss, or that Montana has 442 species of birds and the most common is the American robin?

Those are just a couple of the cool facts about the state in a book done by Columbia Falls seventh grader Jace Rel.

Rel recently published a book called “The Last Best Place” for his advanced studies project. Rel also took all the photos for the book except for two. There is only one copy of the book. He gave it to the Cup O’ Soul ice cream and coffee shop on Nucleus Avenue.

Co-owner Jessie Schrade said Rel showed up with the book for her new shop when she was having a particularly bad day and it warmed her heart.

Rel said it took about six months to research and put the book together.

He was originally going to do a photo website for his advanced studies project, but he figured a book would be more enjoyable.

He said he plans on printing one more copy soon for his grandmother’s assisted living home.

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