Friday, August 19, 2022

The Blotter: Neighbors fighting all the time prompted a call to police.

| June 1, 2022 6:00 AM

May 23

A person said they were getting threatening texts from a neighbor, who may have now moved out. Customers were going through a drive-thru and giving employees a hard time. A man in a bar was refusing to leave. Neighbors fighting all the time prompted a call to police.

May 24

A truck with a trailer was parked in the way on school property. A person complained that people kept threatening to fight him. Someone may have been trying to break down a door on Diane Road. Lots of swearing heard on Seventh Street.

May 25

Report of rig all over the road. Police counseled them on driving habits. A woman was choking on something. Report of possible domestic abuse on Seventh Street. Generator and other items stolen from garage.

May 26

A person with a machete and a Glock pistol was just walking around the streets. A person was concerned about welfare of horses on Railroad Street. A man was selling drugs on Highway 2. Lots of yelling on C Street. One man was stopped trying to leave.

May 27

Bike stolen from a garage. Report of kids messing around at Red Bridge.

May 28

Report of stolen AirPods. An argument on Bills Lane prompted call to police. A man said he wanted to be arrested and police wouldn’t help him. People living in camper on Highway 2 were told to leave.

May 29

Police checked on a woman after neighbors called worrying about her health. Report of a restraining order violation. Drunk man throwing up in parking lot on Highway 2.

May 30

Police got a warrant to take firearms from a home after an alleged threat on the school. A drunk male said he was hit in the face with a bat and was very drunk and needed some help.

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