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Remembering Frederick

by By Larry Wilson
| July 27, 2022 6:55 AM

I still miss John Frederick. Over the years we became close friends although our political views were usually completely opposed. We had hundreds of political discussions and we both enjoyed them. We both recognized that the other had the same or similar goals in mind—we just differed on how to reach those goals.

I thought of John a lot this week because he was one of the founders of the North Fork Preservation Association which celebrated its fortieth anniversary this week, and there were photos of John and even a sweatshirt with his likeness on it.

I have never been a member of the NFPA, but I always try to attend their annual meeting The business portion is always short—they tend to re-elect their officers almost automatically—John Frederick was president for over twenty years and our friend Frank Vitale was Vice-President for an equal number of years.

What they do have every year, including this year, is a knowledgeable, interesting and informative speaker. Also, I really enjoy the members and the opportunity to see and talk with them.

This year the speaker was Sally Thompson who has authored an excellent book on the people before Glacier was a National Park. Basically, her book features the Blackfeet and Kutenai Indians. She writes based on her experiences, research, and knowledge of the tribes. It was interesting and informative.

A new twist this year was the “indigenous dinner” and it was delicious! The meal featured a bison stew that looked good, smelled better, and tasted even better. I wish I knew what herbs and spices she used, whatever it was a real taste treat.

Flannery Coats, NFPA President and members did an excellent job with the annual meeting, overshadowed only by the outstanding job they have done as an organization to make newcomers and old timers better aware of how to live in bear country. I talked about this in an earlier column but like fires we need to work on this every year.

I think John would be tickled.

What do you think?