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Board news

by Larry Wilson
| August 24, 2022 12:45 PM

August is a busy month on the North Fork. Each of the landowner/private organizations hold their annual meetings and election of officers and everyone is interested in these even if it is becoming harder to find people to serve in the various positions.

The North Fork Landowners Board of Directors saw the biggest changes even though there were no actual elections. Each office had only one nominee and they were all elected by acclamation.

President Richard Hildner was reelected to a second term which wo;; be his last since the president is limited to two terms by the by-laws.

First time board member, Jack McFarland, was elected Vice-President. Jack’s grandfather Dr. Jack McFarland was the organization’s first president so he brings a long history on the North Fork to the Board.

New Treasurer is John Zardas, also a first term member of the Board who replaces long time Treasurer Chris Heitz who was presented with a beautiful bouquet and card thanking her for her service. Thanks Chris!

Secretary Karina Pettey was reelected by acclamation as was South Director Kevin Uhlrickson.

Past President Steve Berg returned to the Board as the new North Director replacing Kenna Halsey who did not run for reelection.

Jim Rittenburg, South Director and Irv Heitz North Director still have one year remaining in their term which will expire August 2023.

As a matter of form I like contested elections, but I fully support the new Board. They truly represent the diversity of our community and will strive to do what is best for the area.

The NFLA also approved unanimously several amendments to the organization’s bylaws. These included correcting language and updating which were certainly needed. Only one amendment caused me any concern.

That amendment prevents the President from voting at any regular or board meeting except in the event of a tie. Although I believe the President, as a dues-paying member, is entitled to vote it is not a big deal in most cases. I believe that all members should have a vote on proposed bylaws changes and the election of officers, I would certainly support an amendment to allow that – next year.

The Land Use Advisory Committee spent hundreds of hours rewriting the Text amendment that the County Planning Board shot down last year. They worked closely with the County Planning staff who supported all their work. That should have guaranteed Planning Board approval. Wrong! The Planning Board, according to LUAC members, treated them rudely and voted to not approve the Text amendment. The county Commissioners do not often overturn the Planning Board’s advice. We will see what happens.

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