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Supports Biel, Cheff and Mumby

| April 20, 2022 7:35 AM

Our public schools represent the collective values in our special town. We bleed blue; we are character, focus, honor, and strength. Our public schools are central community places where we celebrate our children as they learn and grow academically, and socially, in the classroom. We share in the joy of extracurricular activities and in the accomplishments of their daily lives. Our public schools accept and celebrate the whole child, every child.

After 20 years in our district, for the first time, I am hearing and reading conversations that I fear are misplaced. Conversations that seem to represent a fear about our schools that come from national political talking points are distracting from our primary focus: students. Our school district puts students first, has a well-respected staff, and has achieved both academic and extracurricular excellence. Now, more than ever, we need to ignore the national noise that only distracts us all from the real needs of our students. Our students need us, as a community, to put them first.

In the upcoming school board elections, I implore you to ignore the political noise that threatens to divide us as a community. Such divisiveness will only harm our students and sacrifice the excellent school district we have all worked hard to build. Support our children by supporting the student-centered school board candidates:

Heather Mumby is an experienced incumbent who supports individualized learning, highly qualified staff, parent involvement, student mental health, and meeting students’ needs educationally, emotionally, and socially.

Justin Cheff is a parent and long-time student and athlete advocate who supports the personal well-being of all students, putting students first, strong technical and career programs, and good stewardship of taxpayer money.

Alice Biel is a parent with previous school board experience who supports a focus on the resources students need for success, supports local based decision making and fosters mutual respect among students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Please join me in centering students first. Vote for student centered candidates who rise above the noise.

Leslie DiMaio

teacher, resident, and taxpayer

Columbia Falls

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