Tuesday, December 07, 2021

The Blotter: Shots at bear go through house

| October 20, 2021 7:50 AM

Oct. 6

Report of woman selling meth out a car with a child in the vehicle. A car crashed into tree and the driver fled on 3rd Avenue East.

Oct. 7

Report of a stolen motorcycle that crashed after being chased by another car near the high school. The perp ran away on foot.

Oct. 8

Report of a female walking and yelling on Nucleus — she was having a bad day. Fight on Diane Road.

Oct. 9

Report of vehicle theft on 7th Street. Reckless driver on Nucleus. Neighbors fighting on Martha Road. A woman was caught stealing from Thrift Store.

Oct. 10

Police broke up a domestic dispute on Scenic Drive where both folks were pretty drunk.

Oct. 11

A woman told neighbors she was hungry, but wouldn’t let anyone in the house. Police checked on her. Report of a shoving match on Veterans Drive.

Oct. 12

A car crashed into a light pole on Highway 2 and a man had a head injury. Report of suicidal female.

Oct. 13

Report of missing person on Veterans Drive.

Oct. 14

Report of a shot fired though a window on Monte Vista Drive. No one was injured. Turns out a man was shooting at bears at his apple tree.

Oct. 15

An elderly woman needed help getting a turkey out of her house on 6th Avenue. A man suspected someone who was supposed to watch his dog had poisoned it. Police broke up domestic dispute on 2nd Ave.

Oct. 16

Report of stolen car. Keys were left in it. Deer that was mortally wounded was put down.

Oct. 17

Report of a teen threatening his father with a knife. Report of 2-3 year-old child left in a car on Nucleus Avenue.