Friday, June 25, 2021

The Blotter: A neighbor was swinging a hammer around and yelling obscenities

| May 19, 2021 7:40 AM

May 10

Kids were kicking over solar lights while waiting for the school bus.

A neighbor was swinging a hammer around and yelling obscenities.

Fearing the situation could become violent, parents wanted an officer present as they evicted their daughter. Kids were caught starting a fire on someone’s property.

Juveniles on a four-wheeler were advised to stay off the road.

May 11

A swerving white Mustang failed to stop for a school bus. A car, stalled in the roadway because it was out of gas, posed a traffic hazard. Law enforcement attempted to mediate a year-long dispute between neighbors, to no avail.

Someone’s vehicle was stolen. A woman claimed a passing driver pulled a gun on her in a case of road rage; the driver claimed he only flipped her off.

May 12

A potentially homeless man hanging around a business was making employees uncomfortable. A woman had questions concerning her brother’s arrest. A hit and run occurred in the Super 1 parking lot. Cell phones were not working in Columbia Falls. A gunshot was heard going off within a residence.

May 13

Reports of domestic abuse. A missing husky was returned to its owner. An unattended child was reunited with her frantic parents. A warning was issued for no tail lights.

A resident looked outside her window to see people inside her Toyota 4Runner. Reports of a possibly fatal ATV accident.

May 14

A minor fender-bender occurred in a turning lane. A parental dispute occurred between a woman and her mother. A blue truck swerved across three lanes. An unauthorized car was parked in a handicap parking spot.

May 15

Reports of a DUI. A wallet was returned. A green Buick was parked on the sidewalk. A resident reported four minors drinking outside a house.

A fight occurred between juveniles. A person was crouching behind a four wheeler outside someone’s house.

May 16

Someone’s rear car window was busted out.

A man wanted to prevent his ex-wife from returning to his property. A van was swerving while driving. Reports of a marital dispute. Some people were seen trying to drag away a bicycle rack at the park.