Friday, April 23, 2021

The Blotter: Woman partially pays for pup?

| March 31, 2021 7:25 AM

March 22

A no trespassing sign was stolen. A landlord was seeking to evict a tenant. A tenant’s family and friends were “causing issues” by reportedly harassing a landlord. The driver of a truck was passing people on a double yellow. A juvenile was assaulted in a park.

March 23

Regardless of their claim that they were filming a documentary, a man was still suspicious of the two men in a vehicle who’d been pointing a camera at his residence the last couple days. Reports of another driver’s road rage may have been a case of projection after the accused driver said he’d merely been driving slowly. Someone who’d left her car in a parking lot for three days returned to find the rear window was smashed in. Reports of a dispute between a bartender and a patron caused by their personal history.

March 24

A woman who put down a $100 deposit to take home a puppy refused to return the dog after not paying the rest of its sale price. Reports of a speedy, reckless driver. A fight that broke out between five men peaked and began to disperse once a gun was wielded. A woman was concerned someone was walking through her yard.

March 25

A syringe and a spoon were found near the railroad tracks. Reports of a nasty bar fight. Someone’s neighbor kept “tearing up the road” on a dirt bike.

Reports of a parking lot fender bender. Someone’s bonfire looked to be of an unsafe size.

March 26

A man who had left his keys under his truck’s floorboard noticed the vehicle was missing later that day. Reports of an employee stealing money from a cash register. A homeowner’s security alarm was falsely activated.

March 27

Reports of two vehicles suspiciously parked next to each other after hours at a public park. Residents of an apartment complex reported what sounded like domestic abuse happening in the apartment above them.

March 28

Smoke coming from a backyard was found to be from an attended fire. Reports of an out-of-control grass fire near the river.