Friday, June 25, 2021

The Blotter: Report of car on fire with kids inside after a two-vehicle wreck. Everyone got out OK.

| June 2, 2021 6:50 AM

phone found near the city pool was turned in. Someone claimed a man was selling marijuana to kids. Reports of domestic violence.

May 18

A resident was having problems with their home security system. A delivery driver was spoken to about his driving habits. A resident filed a noise complaint for a business playing music too loudly.

May 19

A resident was being followed and videoed by a belligerent man on a bicycle who was trying to find the person that had been destroying his “No Trespassing” sign. A group of people were having a campfire and had hung up a hammock on someone’s property. A five year old kept calling 911, but refused to give the phone to a parent.

May 20

An accident occurred blocking traffic on Highway 2 in Columbia Falls; no one was injured. Someone parked incorrectly at the community market. A driver was speeding through Bad Rock Canyon at 80 miles per hour. Reports of a domestic disturbance.

May 21

A woman was worried about her mother being sexually harassed by another resident in assisted living. Two people appeared to be passed out in the back of a parked vehicle. A black truck was seen swerving while driving up Nucleus Avenue. A man was advised to leave BNSF property. A man punched a woman’s truck mirror and tried to prevent her from leaving a driveway.

May 22

A woman’s boyfriend was having suicidal ideations. A chest full of sports cards was stolen. A vehicle was dragging its broken muffler.

May 23

Reports of a domestic dispute. A report was called in that someone in a bar may have angered a group of bikers in “full leather gear.” Reports of drivers speeding behind Super 1 Foods. A woman locked herself in her house after her ex said he would come by to finish grabbing some of his belongings.

May 24 and 25 were unavailable.

May 26

A dumpster fire was alight behind a business and employees were pouring buckets of water on the blaze. A woman said she was assaulted by her landlord. A verbally aggressive customer, angry over an issue with a gift card, was refusing to leave a store. Someone accidentally vacuumed his keys at the car wash. Reports of suicidal intent.

May 27

No report

May 28

Report of someone stealing patient files. Report of a kid claiming to being tortured by neighbors.

May 29

Fire in camper. Owner put it out. A woman with kids in a car at Dairy Queen seemed suspicious. She was just taking a rest.

May 30

Report of car on fire with kids inside after a two-vehicle wreck. Everyone got out OK. Big fight reported at Blue Moon parking lot.