Saturday, March 06, 2021

Not so neighborly?

| January 20, 2021 1:00 AM

Permits are required for all dock installation/replacement/repair, however the system is complaint based only.  I have never had a dock on my Lake Five property at 1453 Grizzly Spur — ever, yet Friends of Lake Five Inc. and neighbors reported this property as a violation. I did what was required and was given an after-the-fact permit for this “wrongful violation.”

FLFI and others brought a lawsuit against the commissioners that had nothing to do with my dock permit, but my dock permit for 1453 Grizzly Spur was then suddenly revoked by the commissioners.  Planning and zoning asked me to reapply and pay even more fees, which I did.

The commissioners then did a “very rare thing” and sent this dock permit back to planning and zoning for a now pending public hearing.  

The commissioners denied me a dock permit for a property that has never had a dock nor in any violation, all because of loud anger from misled neighbors and an organization that is suing the county commissioners.  This should be an outrage for other private property land owners.  The commissioners now insist that taxpayers pay for a public hearing.  

Be careful, your “neighbors” can make your life miserable just because, not because it is right.

I will still be moving to Lake Five for retirement; misplaced anger and malice by a few won’t ruin my love for the area. I am excited to bring my skills and community service to the Flathead Valley and be a positive and productive member of this community.

Susie Dietz

Whistle Stop Retreat on Lake Five