Swimmers do well in opener

Staff Writer | January 13, 2021 1:00 AM

The Columbia Falls Swim Team had a strong showing at the Kalispell Invitational swim meet at the Summit Medical Fitness Center on Saturday.

The boys were led by Connor Cheff with a first in the 100 intermediate medley.

Emerald Templin was second in the 200 IM.

For girls, Emilie Alexander took 17th in 50 Free with 52.47. Norah Bagley took 4th in 200 IM with 2:52.68 and 6th in 500 Free with 7:15.24. Jolie Friar took 4th in 100 Fly with 1:40.40 and 10th in 100 Back with 1:39.28. Evalyn Hull took 9th in 100 Back with 1:28.06 and 13th in 100 Free with 1:24.80. Kathleen Keith took 2nd in 100 Breast with 1:25.80 and 6th in 200 IM with 3:05.45. Kaylee King took 5th in 100 Free with 1:06.34. Gabbie Leonhardt took 8th in 200 Free with 3:02.57 and 11th in 50 Free with 35.29. Eloise McKeon took 3rd in 100 Breast with 1:30.65 and 5th in 200 IM with 2:53.14. Emma Stoddard took 7th in 200 Free with 2:52.32 and 8th in 100 Back with 1:27.91. Emerald Templin took 2nd in 200 IM with 2:44.54 and 4th in 500 Free with 6:33.14. Madison Ypma took 9th in 200 Free with 3:09.33 and 12th in 50 Free with 38.44.

For boys, Johnathan Blankenship took 7th in 100 Breast with 1:47.61. Thane Borgen took 3rd in 200 IM with 2:53.69 and 5th in 100 Back with 1:14.46. Connor Cheff took 1st in 200 IM with 2:23.90 and 2nd in 100 Breast with 1:10.88. Quinn Clark took 20th in 100 Free with 1:25.44 and 22nd in 50 Free with 36.59. Peyton Malmberg took 5th in 100 Free with 57.51 and 6th in 50 Free with 25.03. Jack Phung took 10th in 100 Back with 1:28.18. Adam Schrader took 2nd in 500 Free with 5:56.52 and 4th in 200 Free with 2:15.95.

The Columbia Falls girls A Relay team (Stoddard, McKeon, Templin, Bagley) took 3rd in the 200 Medley Relay and 4th in the 200 Free Relay. The girls B Relay team (King, Friar, Leonhardt, Keith) took 5th in the 200 Free Relay and 4th in the 400 Free Relay.

The Columbia Falls boys A Relay team (Borgen, Cheff, Schrader, Malmberg) took 1st in the 200 Medley Relay and 3rd in the 200 Free Relay (with Blankenship as the third leg).