Friday, May 14, 2021

Mitchell looks forward to session

| January 6, 2021 1:00 AM

Monday was my first day representing House District 3 in the 2021 legislative session. During my campaign, I had the pleasure of getting to know so many great people and the small business owners that drive our local economy. During the legislative session, I will continue to look to these same people to let me know how I can best serve them.

Between Election Day and the beginning of legislative session, there is so much to learn for a new legislator. Where to park, how to setup my email, and meeting my fellow legislators are just some of the many things I have had to learn. Far beyond that, it is crucial to know how state agencies work, who can help me pass legislation to fulfill my campaign promises, and how to really dig in and find out which bills I should support and oppose.

One advantage I have in helping me jumpstart my public service is the wise counsel of Senator Dee Brown (R-Hungry Horse). Senator Brown has served us well for nearly two decades and is well respected by her constituents, colleagues, and those behind the scenes. I want to thank her for giving me a guiding hand and suggesting ways I can execute my responsibilities to the thousands of people I now have the honor in serving. Senator Brown’s example has shown me how I can uphold the conservative Montana values we share while leaving partisanship and political theater behind.

Braxton Mitchell

House District 3