Friday, March 05, 2021

The Blotter: Person throws rocks at neighbor's security cameras

| February 10, 2021 7:00 AM

Feb. 1

A man who kept his license plates on a vehicle he sold to someone in Colorado was getting toll bills from Denver. Someone having an ongoing dispute with a neighbor put up security cameras; some of the first footage was of the neighbor throwing rocks at the cameras. Complaints of a barking dog. Someone driving away in a white Subaru broke two windows in a resident’s house. A complaint was made about a woman living in a camper in an alleyway; she was waiting for her husband to get out of county jail.

Feb. 2

Someone with a British accent called in that a pipe bomb had been placed in their Christmas tree. Reports of a driver tailgating. A woman trying to pick up her grandson at a residence was blocked from leaving the driveway by men who may have been carrying weapons. A man wanted to file assault charges against his mother.

Feb. 3

Reports of reckless driving. A lift-truck working on Internet lines bumped into a camper van parked in an alley; the van owner was advised not to use the alleyway as storage parking. Reports of a theft.

Feb. 4

Requests for a home check up on an elderly adult. A person was fined $3,500 for contempt of court. Reports of an unattended toddler left in a parked vehicle. A man was spotted walking down the road in his underwear. A vehicle slid off the road and knocked a resident’s mailbox down. A homeowner’s smoke alarm was set off by the dust created from a worker cutting sheetrock.

Feb. 5

A woman looked into getting a restraining order against her neighbors. A man with mental health issues was making homicidal threats. Neighbors got into a threat-filled verbal dispute over road ownership and dogs on the loose. A man bled from his mouth after being punched in the face.

Feb. 6

A woman’s 17-year-old daughter had been in a house where drugs were being consumed. A fight broke out behind a bar. Requests for a welfare checkup on family. A driver was warned not to park against the flow of traffic. Reports of a domestic dispute filled with yelling, screaming and slamming doors.

Feb. 7

A woman was receiving harassing voicemails. A great-grandmother’s caregiver had problematic people removed from the elder’s residence. A dark green Subaru Legacy was stolen. A grocery store employee was concerned a coworker delivering door-dash groceries may have gotten into an accident after a delivery still hadn’t been received by a customer 40 minutes later.